AHC35 Convertible Rooster

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(Our boxes are not stained like the picture) A winter roosting box is a great way to provide protection from the cold for many of your smaller backyard birds including chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and wrens. As the temperature drops in the winter, these birds will often gather together to share body heat, greatly improving their chances of surviving harsh weather. Handmade in Canada from white pine, this roost is ready to withstand the elements. The entrance hole with predator guard is at the bottom, and all seams are joined tightly and sealed to prevent heat loss. Stain your roof dark to have the sun heat up the inside all the more. The inside features 3 staggered perches to accommodate roosting birds. The front wall opens to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. In warmer months, flip the front panel and it becomes a nesting box.

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