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1 Facts about The Birdhouse
1.1 Can I look around the property during non-business hours?

We get it. The property is beautiful and historical and the store is at the back rather than the front. It makes it pretty tempting to come and explore during non-business hours.

However, we live here! Coming up the drive sets off alarms, disturbs the dogs and wrecks our privacy during our much needed downtime. I'm pretty hardcore about this. Please come see us during regular business hours. :) See you Tuesday through Saturdays 10am-5pm. Sundays 12-4p and Mondays are closed unless special hours are stated.

1.2 How much of The Right Stuff do you build in store?

Popularity of The Right Stuff has increased over the last few years. In 2021 we measured, poured, shook and poured again, 68,000lbs by hand. 2000 less pounds than the first year of covid when EVERYBODY was feeding their birds due to the lockdown conditions. Demand is less in 2022 with the price increases due to continuing covid conditions and the Ukraine/Russian conflict. This continues into 2023.

Our Refill Bucket Program has grown in popularity as well. As of today's date (2023 10  06)   we have about 900 refill buckets out in the world that has huge potential to keep plastic bags out of the world. We've sold almost 100,000 lbs (5125 refills!) of refill seed at this same point which is the proof in the pudding the initiative is working!

1.3 Where are you located?

The Birdhouse has had a few moves in its lifetime. Starting out in Wooler with the original owners, then landing just outside Presqu'ile Provincial Park and finally nesting down at 82 Main St. in Brighton ON. We are on the north side of the road, 2 doors down from the Beer Store and Lola's Cafe. Come up our driveway to the rear of the property as the store is at the back of the home. 

Don't enter the front door at the front of the house. That's Bobbi and Andrews home, and you will be greeted exuberantly by 3 Golden Retrievers which can be a little daunting! 

1.4 Are you open for in store shopping?

We are open for in store shopping during our regular business hours! Tuesday through Saturday 10a-5p and Sundays 12-4p

The website is also available to purchase online 24/7. Shipping is available to Canada and the USA by a myriad of carriers.

1.5 Pet Therapy at The Birdhouse?

While not official pet therapy, we currently have three rambunctious Golden Retrievers Sadie and Fergus and a younger boy, Finnegan, in the front of the house. When you come in, you just might see their faces at the Dutch Door that is between the main house and store.

Phoebe the cat is often in store as well. She enjoys walking around and finding places to perch and observe the birds outside and for being a cat, she's not above sucking up to you if you happen to find her in her bed. She is a cat however and reserves judgement on who receives her special "love bites". They are gentle for the most part, but please keep in mind her cattitude and scratch her head and cheeks only.

Because we have resident animals we ask that you alert us if you have an official service dog that needs to accompany you into the store. The dogs are well behaved with humans, but in the presence of another dog they may tend to be excited, noisier and stressed out. If we know you are coming, we will happily close the dutch door to accommodate your official service dog. 

The cat is likely to just ignore your official service dog. She is a cat after all, and like all cats, dogs are beneath her notice! ;)

1.6 Are there gardens to tour at The Birdhouse?

Our property at 82 Main St is a beautiful 1845 heritage property downtown Brighton known as "The Doctor's House" by the locals due to the inhabitants in the early 1900's. We can't set your bones, or remove your appendix in house like they used to, but we do mix a mean birdseed!

The gardens and landscaping are an ongoing project as we continue to beautify the space. The gardens at the side of the house by The Birdhouse are open for customers to browse. Sit in the rainbow chairs and take a pic with a beautiful memorial carving behind you, done by Daniel Decouvreur in the backyard that can be viewed at the fence line by the store driveway during business hours. (Tues-Sat 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-4p).  The balance of the property is for private use. The backyard is all about the dogs so you may see them outside greeting you on your arrival. Please don't enter their fenced area. You can get all their love inside at our dutch door in the seed area. Just ask!