How to Make an Avian Haven

How to Make an Avian Haven

If you've ever wondered how you can roll out the welcome mat for our feathered friends, well, we've got the scoop: native plants. Yep, those local beauties that make our landscape so unique!

Hey there, fellow bird lovers! It's your friends at The Birdhouse Store, and we're back with some exciting insights for you. So, grab your favourite cup of tea, settle in, and let’s  chat about creating a buzzing bird haven. 

You know, there's something genuinely magical about August in our lovely town. The air is filled with the sweet symphony of birdsong, and it's not just background music; it's a performance to which we all get a front-row seat. If you've ever wondered how you can roll out the welcome mat for our feathered friends, well, we've got the scoop: native plants. Yep, those local beauties that make our landscape so unique!

Why Native Plants, You Ask?

Well, let me tell you, these plants are like the ultimate hosts for a bird party. They've been around the block, adapting to our local climate and teaming up with the critters around here for eons. When you put native plants in your garden, it's like sending out the hottest invitation to the avian community: "Hey guys, the buffet's open, and you're all invited!

August: The Avian Fiesta Month

Now, let's talk about August. It's like the VIP room at this bird fiesta. Our feathered pals are busy being super-parents, raising their little ones and some are done and preparing for their epic migration adventures. They need all the energy they can get, and that's where native plants come to the rescue. These plants are like a convenience store stocked with bird-friendly snacks - seeds, fruits, and nectar; you name it!

So, Who's On the Guest List?

Let's dive into some of the local celebs who are sure to RSVP to your native plant party:

Eastern Red Columbine: Think of it as the "Hummingbird Café" with red and yellow flowers designed to make those tiny flyers feel right at home.

Purple Coneflower: The true rockstar of the garden. It's like the backstage after-party for finches and sparrows who can't resist its tasty seeds.

Wild Bergamot: A real showstopper, this one. Its nectar is like a magnet for hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees – the ultimate VIP lounge.

Gray Goldenrod: AKA the "Warbler Diner." Insects flock to it, and the warblers and sparrows are there to cash in on the buffet.

Red-Osier Dogwood: This one's a berrylicious treat for various bird species, with its bright red stems and tasty berries.

Crafting Your Bird-Friendly Paradise

Listen up; it's time to get your hands dirty and create the ultimate hangout spot for our fine feathered friends:

  1. Research, Research, Research: Find out what local plants are the talk of the town. You want those that party hard and are easy to maintain.

  2. Mix It Up: Just like any good party, diversity is key. Offer an assortment of plants to cover all the munchies, from seeds to berries.

  3. Shelter VIP Lounge: Picture this – shrubs and trees that give birds a cozy place to crash, nest, and hide from any unwanted attention.

  4. Watering Hole: Trust us, every good party needs a spot to cool down. Install a bird bath or a small water feature for those hydration breaks.

  5. Chill Vibes Only: Let your garden grow wild and free. Allow those native plants to do their thing and create a comfy atmosphere for you and our bird buddies.

Well, there you have it, folks! August isn't just a month; it's a festival of bird-plant interactions waiting to happen. With native plants in your corner, you're not just gardening – you're curating a one-of-a-kind experience for our local birds. So, whether you're a seasoned bird watcher or just looking to make new feathered friends, let The Birdhouse Store be your go-to guide for crafting the perfect avian oasis.

Wishing you happy birding and plenty of fun in the garden from all of us here at The Birdhouse Nature Store in Brighton, Ontario!


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