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Where are we?



We are located at the rear of 82 Main St. Brighton ON (Parking at Rear) to serve you and our feathered friends at the feeders! We have everything you need related to back yard birding including seed, feeders, houses, birdbaths, oriole, hummingbird and bluebird specific food. We also carry a wide range of nature inspired giftware. We have a wealth of knowledge to help you overcome any issues that may arise at your feeders (squirrels, grackles and starlings take heed!) and help you to be successful in bringing joy into your backyard. We are Northumberland and Quinte's favorite backyard birding store for almost 29 years.


The Right Stuff Refill Program


You may have heard of our famous bird seed blend called The Right Stuff? Now we have it in an eco-conscious way to feed the birds. The Right Stuff Refill Program. Buy an initial bucket from us and when it empties, bring it back for a refill! Best part is that its contactless which is super important for your safety and ours. We have a 20lb and 10lb program.


We do still carry the bagged formats in 5, 10 and 20 pounds.


When your bucket is empty, bring it back to us and place it on the seed porch (south end of the store /left of the parking lot). There is a white x that marks the spot. Open it and leave the lid sticker side up for us to stamp. Come in our main doors to pay, and we'll have it refilled and ready for you when you come back outside. 


Please note: Store policy is that we only refill our white buckets that you have purchased from us. And the refill program only applies to The Right Stuff. We just don't have the space or facilities to accommodate a refill program for any other seed. Thank you.

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