Brighton & Crahame

Brighton & Crahame

Supporting local Brighton and Crahame Businesses.

Sept 13 2022

As a past president (stepped back recently to run for Brighton Municipal council) of the local Brighton and Crahame Chamber of Commerce, I believe in community. When a local business flourishes in a community it can give back. When businesses support each other, we can only grow. None of us operate in a vacuum.



And that said we can't operate without YOU - our customer. Shopping local means putting money back into your local economy. Not into the hands of billionaires who want you to fund their next rocket ride. 


Here you'll find our list of Chamber approved businesses: Brighton & Crahame


Want to join us at the Chamber? Check out the benefits of joining here. Not mentioned is our ace in the hand, Laura McAuley, Social Media guru extraordinaire, who is turning up the dial on our channels, making sure our members get noticed. Want more info? Call her! 613-475-2775


Want more info on Brighton? Check out Brighton Here.


Want to love on Crahame? Click this link!


If you're on this page, I'd love to hear what you love about the area? Do you live here? Do you vacation here in the summer? Did you grow up here, move away and long for home? Are you a forever local resident? Let me know in the comments below. 




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