Dragonfly Wingman - Dragonfly clip to deter horse and deer flies

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Whether you are birding, hiking, biking, horseback riding or going for a simple walk, attach these brilliant dragonfly clips to your hat, collar, bridle etc to deter horse and deer flies. The natural predator of these flies is the dragonfly- excellent hunters that have a 95% kill rate. This is higher than any other animal! They are able to isolate and intercept their prey. They also have a voracious appetite and have been observed eating up to 30 flies in a row. It's no wonder these dragonfly clips work so well! While sprays do a great job at repelling mosquitos or blackflies, these clips will do a better job at keeping horse and deer flies at bay, and your skin where it belongs!

Choose from yellow, red or green dragonflies - wing colours may vary.

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