Atlantick Repellant Products ARPTIKPIK Tick Picks for pets and humans

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Remove Ticks Properly: With two size tick picks, one for small ticks and the other for adult or engorged ticks, you will have what you need to be able to completely remove ticks the right way.


Stable & Easy to Hold: Use the AtlanTick Repellent Products® Tick Pick removal tool like a crowbar, and with even pressure, pry the tick out. Proper tick removal reduces the chance of squeezing the tick or forcing it to regurgitate pathogens in your body.


A must-have for your Outdoor Adventures: Your hiking, camping, or fishing pack is not complete without an AtlanTick Repellent Products® Tick Pick! Throw the Tick Pick & the Tick ID Card in your backpack and keep your pets & loved ones comfortable and enjoy mother nature the Natural Way.

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