Peanuts in the Shell

Premium Roasted Peanuts in the shell. Not salted.

Not all peanuts are the same. We specifically choose to sell human grade peanuts in the shell (and out of the shell) to avoid things like aflotoxin, vomitoxin and salmonella that can be part of animal grade food. We choose these peanuts to be good to the birds out there. They've got it tough enough without being offered second rate and sometimes dangerous peanut options. If you're seeing low prices on birdseed peanuts out in the market it should serve as a red flag for not only quality but for the potential of doing more harm than good in a hobby that demands the conscientious choice of foods that serve our feathered friends - some of the smallest creatures on the planet that bring us the most joy, daily, in our own backyards.

Not to mention that myself and my employees handle the seed in our retail location - which is attached to my home and 3 very enthusiastic Golden Retrievers who LOVE peanuts. Lol. So it's all the more important to make sure that what we bring in for the birds won't harm our pets, or us! That being said, please reserve the use of our peanuts for the birds.