Covid 19 Updates

We are open! 


Just a reminder that masks are required at The Birdhouse, and that every business has the right to choose to request customers to do so.
Here, you can either come in masked and shop, or we are happy to serve you at our Walk Up Window.
Violent responses to this request will not be tolerated. And yes we've had a couple. Outbursts of anger, vulgar language and tantrums are of no use to anyone. No one in my store, customer or employee, or at any business establishment should be made to feel unsafe and shaken because of the request to someone to put on a mask.
Do I like wearing masks? No. Do I mind wearing them when asked to? No. Do I like being able to care for a vulnerable family member when needed? Yes. Do I like staying healthy? Yes. Numbers are climbing in Brighton and surrounding area. Vulnerable people are still vulnerable. More so now.
Being the owner of a business I have much to take care of, including being responsible for employees and keeping this place open so they have jobs to come to. A thing that has been increasingly difficult over the last 2+ years. I am tired of the whole covid thing. My employees are also tired. But we love what we do and so we continue to do it. In the way that makes us feel safe, and keeps us able to care for those who are more vulnerable than ourselves.
We are so grateful for all of our customers who have been understanding in this regard. Thank you for helping us get through these last few years and for supporting us going forward. You all totally rock!