PB0425 Polyresin Antique Birdbath -Silver

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Polyresin Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath - a gorgeous addition to your garden. This antique-style sculpture will look good in your yard alone or among other pieces. It's perfect for pairing with a bird feeder to coax songbirds outside your window during any season. After the easy four-piece set up and adding some water, your new birdbath is good to go. It's also very light, so it's easy to move around your yard or garden to find the most picture-perfect spot for you and your neighbourhood birds' enjoyment.Made of a weather- and water-resistant polyresin, this fountain is both durable and nontoxic to animals and is entirely water- and rust-proofWith multiple designs, this birdbath will surely suit your garden’s design and will be something all the neighbourhood birds will enjoy. 

Measurements: 28'' H x 20'' W x 20'' D

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