HULL50 Sunfl Chips 50lb bag

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Our Hulled Sunflower Chips are the very core of the sunflower seed, out of the shell, available in a variety of bag sizes.

Out of the shell sunflower hull birdseed. also called sunflower hearts or cracked sunflower seeds, these seeds are a superior source of fat, fibre, protein, and vitamins, providing excellent nutrition for all backyard birds. In addition to whole hulled sunflower seeds, these seeds are often available in chips or pieces: broken or semi-crushed seeds that are even easier for small birds to eat. Though hulled seeds are the same nutritionally as any other sunflower seeds, hulled sunflower has several additional benefits that sunflower seeds in the shell do not have, such as:

  • No wasted energy removing the hull, making this a more fuel-efficient seed for winter bird feeding

  • No discarded hulls to clean up under bird feeders or around feeding areas

  • Easier for small birds such as finches to eat, as their bills are not as powerful for opening thick hulls

The most obvious disadvantage of hulled sunflower seeds is their price, and they are often more expensive than whole seeds because of the labour necessary to remove the shells. Birders need to look at the price in more detail; however, birdseed is typically sold by weight, and by purchasing hulled seeds, they are not paying for the weight of shells that will not be eaten. The convenience of this no-waste seed and the other benefits it provides more than compensate for the higher cost for many birders.


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