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The Northumberland Land & Lone Pine Land Trusts are merging into the new Northumberland Land Trust! This is an alignment of goals and efficiency for the local 1150 acres of land held in Northumberland County. This now encompasses 13 properties under active conservation management. It's spaces like these that help give our local flora and fauna the space to breathe without interference of development and other destructive human interferences.

A local county company that wishes to remain anonymous has offered to match donations up to $25000 for a total of $50000!! This is huge during this time when the usual yearly gala cannot be held due to the covid restrictions. Their membership has stepped up in big ways but they still need us!

This is where you, as a Birdhouse customer comes in! You can either donate here (and the Birdhouse will match up to $500!) or if you prefer to donate directly to them you can click here:

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