Are Birdbaths Worth The Money?

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Are Birdbaths Worth The Money?

Is a Bird bath worth the money? You bet it is!

There are few things as charming as watching a bird delight in a bath in your yard. And they take it quite seriously too - the splashing is quite something to watch at times! Birdbaths and birdbath fountains are the holy grail in your yard for birds.


A yard with a water source is far more intriguing to a bird than a yard without one. During drought times its even more important, as it could be the only source of moisture for quite a distance.


In winter, a heated birdbath can save a bird some serious loss of energy and calories for searching for a viable water source. They aren't likely to bathe in it at this time, but the need for hydration in winter is serious business. 


Water that is moving, is also more even more attractive than still, likely because it is just more visible and easier to see from a height. A birdbath with a fountain is not only a fun way to add some ambience to your yard, but can be the ticket in alerting the birds that you're open for business.


Water wigglers are an economic way to add ripples to the water to make your bird bath more enticing than your neighbours still water. And moving water is also a deterrent to mosquito's using your birdbath as a place to birth more mosquito's. And that's a win win in my books!


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