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From seed to nuts, nectar to jelly we've got it all. And loads of experience to talk you through what you need in your feeders to attract some birds but not others.

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If you see that any seed, single or otherwise that looks out of stock or on backorder, please disregard and continue with your order. We have it! We just haven't been able to build the stock in the system due to the busyness of the store.:)

Unfortunately we do not ship seed. Any orders with seed, the seed will be cancelled and refunded. The cost of shipping seed is crazy! It will more than double the cost of your seed.

Bird seed pricing has doubled through Covid and the Ukraine conflict. There are multiple factors affecting demand and price and these are beyond the control of The Birdhouse.

Bird Seed Demand.

Reports are indicating a 25% to 50% increase in demand for wild bird seed in North America. Many believe this is due to large numbers staying home for work due to C19 even in 2021.


Oil Seed

China has been buying oil seed globally which has driven prices up considerably. This affects all oilseeds including sunflower, peanuts, safflower, soybeans etc.


China Animal Feed Demand

China’s soybean demand for their swine operations drives farmers choices to plant soy rather than other seed crops.


Biodiesel and suet

Increased demand for biodiesel has driven the price of suet up. The longterm closures of restaurants through covid means less oil is recycled for biodiesel and so this industry is driven to purchase food grade oils, including suet to offset. This is now impacting the price of suet. 

A higher demand for collagen based cosmetics globally is also impacting the price of suet.



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