PB88183 Art Glass Hummingbird Feeder Balloon Design

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This art glass Balloon hummingbird feeder will keep native hummingbirds supplied with the energy they need. Hummingbirds are creatures of habit, and will make regular daily stops once they know where a feeder is located. The plastic feeder tray detaches for easy cleaning and refilling, something all hummingbird feeders require. The decorative copper wire hanger is strung with glass beads that sparkle and catch the bird's eye. The perch at each of the three feeding holes is sized so the birds can rest while they feed. Always use a four to one solution of four parts fresh water to one part regular granulated sugar. Stir until completely dissolved, and replace once every ten days to prevent fermentation. Keep the feeders clean at all times. 

  • 9'' H x 5.75'' W x 5.75'' D
  • 0.54kg
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