PB10765 Wreath Peanut Feeder, 3 asst

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Start attracting more birds—or distract squirrels from your feeders. Either way, prepare to be entertained because smaller birds peck at the peanuts, while jays fly away with the whole peanut. This feeder is for whole peanuts and is easy to clean, attracts birds—and it’s fun to watch! All-metal hanging wreath with hook and weather-resistant. Choose from three different colours: Blue, Green or Purple. 2-1/4 inch deep wreath. 12-1/2 inch diameter.

  • Holds up to 1-1/2 lbs. of whole peanuts
  • Attract more birds & distract squirrels from your feeders
  • Features spring-form coils with easy clinging for birds
  • Easy to clean & refill
  • W: 18" / 45.75 cm x H: 22.5" / 57 cm
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