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March 15 2021

RE: Considerable seed price increase due to low supply and high demand.

Dear Seed Customers,

Bird seed pricing has had a considerable jump in price over the past few weeks and show no sign of declining for the next few months. Our main concern is to make sure we secure inventory of seed as it is becoming increasingly difficult to source some nuts and grains. See links to news reports highlighted in blue below.   

Very large domestic demand for bird seed and from China for oil seed and animal feed. Additionally, the global supply of grains has suffered with lower yields. Farmers are aware of their advantage at this time and are holding supply to maximize profits on the healthy Canadian yield.  We have booked a lot of millet so we can hold prices on that item even though market prices have increased.

Bird Seed Demand.

  • Reports are indicating a 25% to 50% increase in demand for wild bird seed in North America. Many believe this is due to large numbers staying home for work due to C19

Oil Seed

  • China has been buying oil seed globally recently which has driven prices up considerably. This affects all oilseeds including sunflower, peanuts, safflower, soybeans etc.

China Animal Feed Demand

  • “China’s soybean demand is expected to advance in 2020-21 marketing year (October-September) on stronger than expected hog and sow herd recovery from the African swine fever epidemic”

Lower Supply

  • Although Canada had a very good growing year, there was a decline in white millet which is mostly used for bird seed. Most suppliers will be using yellow millet as a substitute for while millet due to equal performance and a very similar appearance. World markets have struggled with other grains. Argentina had drought conditions and Brazil had a late harvest. In Europe the harvest was quite poor.

Biodiesel and suet

  • Increased demand for biodiesel has driven the price of suet up. However, we are going to hold suet prices hoping these will settle in the next 2 months.